Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall is here in Montana!

Boy, after a (luckily) mild summer here, fall seems to have crept right in. I love it, except for the inevitable raking chores coming up. My mom's thought on the falling leaves: It's like compost raining from the sky!

Shane and I went grouse hunting twice so far, and all we saw were elk. When elk hunting starts in 6 weeks, all we'll see are grouse! I love it. The first day we hunted grouse, we stopped on the way home to see if the berries were chokecherries....or something edible. Nope...I had sweaters on my teeth for the rest of the drive! But the cool thing was, right where we stopped, there was a bear playing in the pond about 50 feet below! He played for 20 minutes with a log, then got out and ran straight up a huge cottonwood tree! Just having a grand time.

I am finishing up some custom pieces for a wonderful lady and am making a surprise for her too. I'll post a picture tomorrow, it has a willow tree I am especially proud of!

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Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

What a great tale and the fotos are great
Living in the UK I am always amazed by the wildlife in other contries

Cant wait for the foto tomorow

- blogs looking great