Sunday, September 7, 2008

Felted Grand-Gnomes and Baby

Well, I've pretty much finished up these guys, with the exception of some last minute fuzzy trimmin', and maybe some coloring on the cheeks or lips. I think I'll "tack" the baby into her arms so it stays put and really looks like she's cuddling her.
The bag was just an extra thanks to the lady who commissioned the gnomes, and I kind of got carried away with the willow tree. It was an experiment and now I know what I'd do differently next time. I really like the whole "painting with wool" effect. With a little forethought you could save a lot of time!! Shane is a natural artist with lots of painting experience, so maybe he'll guide me next time on how to layer the different perspectives. But it was still fun to play around with no pressure on how it turned out.
I hope she likes the gnomes, I had every bit of artistic license to make them, which can be almost harder than following someones requirements.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Morgan i love your gnomes and the willow tree on the bag is to die for. lol, someone's going to be very lucky to receive this.